Colby Properties, Inc. is an exceptional real estate sales agency North of Boston, and on Massachusetts’ North Shore…not in the number of homes sold, but in the percentage of homes sold. 100% of all Colby Properties listings have sold since this unique real estate agency first implemented its strategy for bringing together the right buyers and sellers in 1995. Principals and REALTOR®, Karen Colby and Nancy Colby, explain their success by describing their strategy – a combination of advanced marketing skills; experience; focus and time commitment; honest evaluation of a home’s potential; working with the right “team”; and the confidence to walk away from a potential listing if a seller’s goals are unrealistic and unlikely to change. This is how we do it. Colby Properties counts single-family and multi-family residences, townhouses, and condominiums in Essex and Middlesex counties as their target geography.

For both our Seller Clients as well as our Buyer Clients, a personalized service plan is in development from the very first meeting. The client is informed in advance what to expect from the process and receives continual updates as the market changes. In order to provide the highest level of personal attention to both our Buyer Clients and our Seller Clients, Colby Properties must restrict the number of listings they market at any given time. This may result in a brief waiting period for some potential sellers, but with a 100% sales record, the wait is well worth it. Contact principal Karen Colby to discuss your criteria for your real estate purchase, or to find out when you may be able to list with Colby Properties, Inc.


Happy People

“Karen Colby provided outstanding advice, guidance, and care when I was buying my home – which wasn’t easy in a new world, after divorce. I realized it would be difficult downsizing and moving away from the familiar, but Karen thoughtfully prepared me on what to expect, what options were available keeping in mind my criteria, and showed me that in fact – there are properties that match – if you know where to find them. Karen is one of the best realtors I have worked with in thirty years. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, focused and pays great attention to detail. You won’t go wrong, working with Karen.”

Robin Samora, Bradford, MA

“We actually heard about Colby Properties from a previous client who had herself been referred from another former client. That long line of satisfied clients made us feel very comfortable with our choice to work with Colby Properties. 

Strangely enough, my husband and I started out looking for a rental property in Wakefield because that is all we thought we could afford. Principal, Karen Colby, who guided and educated us throughout the entire process, began searching for properties in surrounding towns. Along with rentals Karen alerted us to properties where we could be owners for less than it would cost to rent.

As first time buyers, the things we appreciated most about working with Karen was the experience she brought to the table. She’d helped so many buyers before us that she could anticipate challenges and address them efficiently without letting them slow down the process. Karen kept us informed and on schedule even when we were out of the country during much of the process.

Thanks to Karen Colby, my husband, young son and I enjoy living in North Andover and building equity instead of paying rent.”

Danielle and Maicon Grespan, North Andover, MA

“Working with Colby Properties was a real pleasure during an otherwise challenging time. We hired Karen Colby to sell our family home after the death of our father. The house was in our family for 46 years so it was packed with memories and a lifetime of possessions, which were not necessarily an advantage during the sales process. Karen advised us not only on the best listing price but also the most beneficial way to stage and position the house to appeal to potential buyers.

Our house was not current with modern standards. Nevertheless, Karen’s expertise in the mindset of buyers and her knowledge of Lynnfield and its real estate market worked to find a qualified buyer within a week of listing. What could have been a difficult experience was surprisingly smooth and pain-free with Colby Properties.”

Jack and David Sheehan, Lynnfield, MA

“Within 47 minutes of the townhouse being placed on the market, Nancy Colby and I were inside and touring the property. Just as Karen had said – this was it! As my Buyer’s Agent, Karen immediately worked out some details including a pricing study to determine what the place would go for and we wrote the offer. I’d been on a daytrip with family and just up and left because we trusted that call. I actually made the offer without my husband ever seeing the townhouse. We’d been looking forever and I’m glad Colby Properties had the diligence to keep looking when we’d about given up. There were four other offers placed immediately after mine, but ours was accepted because we’d been well prepped by Colby Properties. They called in mortgage brokers who miraculously could meet very stringent deadlines and turn the deal around on a dime. It helped that we have near perfect credit, but it wouldn’t have been accomplished without Colby Properties and their team of experts.”

The Campbells, Haverhill, MA

“Working with Karen has been a pleasure! She has been so helpful, knowledgeable and attentive. She knows her market and how it works. I found that Karen hears you, she listens to your wants and needs and is happy to oblige. I appreciate her dedication and wouldn’t hesitate to call on her at any time.”

Kim Corton, Auburn, NH

“My wife and I have worked with Karen Colby throughout 4 life-changing transactions (2 purchases & 2 sales) over the span of about 18 years! Just recently Karen listed and sold our last property in the Northeast, allowing us to start a brand new chapter of our lives and head south to sunny Naples.

We always returned to Karen when buying or selling, not only because of her professionalism but because we all work so well together as a team. With this last transaction we were pleased to have all three generations of Colby Properties’ women working diligently to market our property. The Colbys provide excellent advice, market awareness, just a great experience with Karen and her family. We highly recommend Colby Properties, Inc. to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate!”

Scot and Pam Barry, Middleton, MA & Naples, FL

“With their help, I was able to get into my “reach” town. Post home inspection, my team at Colby Properties renegotiated and saved me an additional 3% off the agreed upon price, which allowed me to make improvements to my home. Karen and Logan are super easy to work with and communicate very well with you during the entire process. Home buying can be stressful but these two made it coast right through!

Curtis Davis, Tewksbury, MA

“The team at Colby Properties helped me find my ideal first home in a great town. Their expert guidance made me feel educated, supported and prepared throughout the process. As a courtesy, Colby Properties sponsors first time home owner classes for their new clients. The class combined with Karen’s, Logan’s and Sloan’s advisement equipped me with the tools and knowledge I needed to make an informed purchase. To top it off, I received favorable closing terms thanks to their negotiation skills. Now, 3 months later I’ve successfully adjusted and have welcomed my first roommate.”

Dylan Roy, Andover, MA

“Over the past 19 years, I remained in contact with Karen Colby, and her mother Nancy, who also works at Colby Properties. Karen became a good friend , and I continued to admire and respect her as an exceptional and incredibly professional and accomplished Real Estate Broker. In May of this year, early on in this pandemic, an opportunity arose to purchase a new home. Immediately I called Karen Colby. Her expertise was on point as she again worked to make it all happen. I sold my home and bought my new home within two weeks. Karen Colby rates supreme in both her professionalism and knowledge of the Real Estate industry. There is no one that I would recommend other than Karen Colby for any and all of your Real Estate needs. I rated Karen Colby with 5 stars, as that is as high as this rating allows. Karen Colby truly is a 10 + star Real Estate Broker. Bravo!!!!”

Dr. Kathy Sendek, Andover, MA


Colby Properties specializes in transitional real estate transactions in the Greater Boston and North Shore areas of Massachusetts. Transitional real estate focuses on those emotion-wrought home sales that may require more time, attention, and guidance; ie. first time home buyers, estate sales, empty nesters, divorces, and single buyers. We aren’t just looking for a quick sale, we are looking for the right sale and taking the right amount of time to keep our customers on track, comfortable, and fully understanding the process.

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